AquaSave Tanks

AquaSave is an underground modular tank system designed to retain, store, and/or infiltrate stormwater. Made from recycled plastics, AquaSave has over 90% void space and is ideal for creating tanks for any of the three desired purposes.

  • Traditional Storage System: The tank is wrapped in a woven or non-woven geotextile and pipes are connected via pipe-boots directly to the tank.
  • Infiltraion System: The tank is wrapped in a microgrid mesh liner which allows the free flow of water from the tank into permeable soils.
  • Rain Harvesting System: The tank is wrapped in 30mil visqueen and then sealed. A pump is installed, and this water can be used for irrigation.

AquaSave is comprised of individual modular units that can be stacked and placed in a variety of ways to create any tank size and/or configuration.

They are assembled simply with a rubber mallet.

With an HS-20 load rating, contractors can gain buildable space on their site while also saving money.

AquaSave is also stronger and less expensive than its competitors.

Testing data provided by a third-party lab is available upon request. 10 – year limited WARRANTY.

Pre-construction trainings are provided to installing contractors to ensure proper assembly and placement.

Maintenance ports are installed for easy accessibility.

AquaSave models 8053 and 8025